Einzel lenses

Elements for Electrostatic Charged Particle Beam Focussing

Einzel lenses are ion optical beamline components for charged particle guiding and focusing suitable for high vacuum and ultra high vacuum environment.

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Electrostatic Deflectors

Elements for Electrostatic Charged Particle Beam Deflection

Electrostatic deflectors are elements for charged particle guiding and deflection in beamlines. The deflector system consists of four separated segments, two for horizontal (X) and two for vertical (Y) deflection. We offer various designs to suit specific customers needs.

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Quadrupole Beam Bender

Electrostatic ±90° Deflection of Charged Particle Beams

The DREEBIT Quadrupole Beam Bender is an ion optical device designed to bend charged particles by an angle of up to ±90°. The deflection is realized by quarter-pipe electrodes in a typical vertical electrostatic quadrupole arrangement.

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Magnetic Steerers

Magnetic Charged Particle Beam Deflection

Magnetic steerers are devices for small-angle correction of charged particle beam trajectories. They are suitable for high-current applications.

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Wide Area Irradiation Optics

Electrostatic Ion Beam Deflection, Focussing, and Magnetic Parallelization

The Wide Area Irradiation Optics were developed for singly charged ion implantation with beams of max. 30 kV acceleration voltage, 10 mA beam current, and resulting energies of up 300 W into targets of 200 mm width.

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Neutral Particle Beam Dump

Separation of Neutral Particles from Charged Particle Beams

The neutral particle beam dump is applied for the separation of neutral particles like atoms or molecules from beams of charged particles by 25° deflection.

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