Faraday Cup

Faraday Cup for Low Current Measurements

The Faraday cup is a device for measuring charged particle beam currents and charges in real-time.

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4 Sector Faraday Cup

Faraday Cup with 4 Additional Electrodes for Beam Positioning

This Faraday cup is used for broad, off-axis charged particle beams which need to be focused and deflected in the right direction. It consists of a central electrode and four surrounding outer electrodes indicating the beam size and position in relation to the beamline center.

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High-Current Faraday Cup

A Water Cooled Faraday Cup for High-Current Applications

This chilled Faraday cup is a device for measuring high ion beam currents. The heating power from an incident ion beam of up to 1.5 kW can be dissipated while evaluating the signal.

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4 Jaw Slit System

Two Dimensional Beam Formation and Analysis

The 4-Jaw Slit System is used for analyzing as well as forming the size and shape of a charged particle beam. It consists of four plates which can be moved individually from an out-of-beam position into the beam.

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Beam Imaging System

Real-Time Charged Particle Beam Imaging

The Beam Imaging System (BIS) allows the user to detect and evaluate particle beam cross sections in real-time in a high vacuum or ultra high vacuum environment. It creates an image of the beam by converting the incident beam signal into visible light.

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Pepperpot Emittance Meter

A Real-Time Beam Monitoring and Emittance Measurement System

The Pepperpot Emittance Meter allows to evaluate beam parameters of particles as well as x-rays in real-time. A pepperpot-like mask separates the beam into beamlets. With an image of the beamlets taken by a CCD camera, a phase space analysis can be carried out and the beam's emittance and twiss parameters can be calculated.

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Retarding Field Analyzer

Energy Distribution Analysis of Charged Particle Beams

The Retarding Field Analyzer (RFA) is an electrostatic charged particle beam energy analyzer which allows for measuring the kinetic energy distribution and the energy spread of the particles up to a beam energy of 15 keV per charge state.

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Wien Filter

A Compact Setup for Precise A/q Separation

The Wien Filter is a charged particle separator with a crossed electric and magnetic field configuration (ExB). One ion species of interest with a specific velocity due to its mass-to-charge ratio passes the Wien Filter straightforward, all other species are deflected and absorbed between the Wien filter apertures.

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