Spare Electron Guns

EBIT and EBIS-A Spare Guns for Quick Cathode Replacement

EBIS and EBIT cathodes have a limited lifetime and need to be replaced after several thousand hours of source operation. A spare electron gun with a readily installed new cathode can be used for instantaneous replacement to have the ion source back in operation as quick as possible.

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Beam Apertures

Apertures for Charged Particle Beam Formation or Diagnostics

Charged particle beam apertures can be used for several applications, for instance as entrance apertures for Faraday Cups, as cut-off apertures to reduce or form the particle beam sizes or as masks for irradiation of targets.

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Pepperpot Masks

Multi-Hole Masks for Partice Beam Diagnostics

Pepperpot Masks are multi-hole masks to separate particle beams into multiple beamlets. Particle beam separation is used in pepperpot devices to measure the transversal momentum distribution of incident particle beams and the beam emittance as well as for special cases of target irradiation.

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TERX Detection System

Time and Energy Resolved X-ray Measurement

The TERX detection system combined with an appropriate x-ray detector is used to measure x-ray spectra at Electron Beam Ion Sources in dependence on the ionisation time and in dependence on the electron energy.

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