Ion Sources

Room Temperature and Superconducting Electron Beam Ion Sources as well as Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Sources

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Ion Beam Facilities

Standard Ion Beam Facilities to be Equipped with EBIS/EBIT or ECR Ion Sources Including Hardware and Software for Remote Control

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Beam Optics

Essential Charged Particle Beam Optical Components to Build, Upgrade, or Complete Existing Beamlines

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Beam Diagnostics

From Simple Current Measurements to Imaging-Based Analyses for Detailed Investigations of Beam Properties

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Equipment & Supplies

Additional Equipment and Spare Parts Ranging from Spare Electron Guns to X-ray Spectroscopical Measurement Setups

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Erik Ritter

Ion Beam Technology

035952-420215 0174-3281008 erik.ritter@dreebit.com