Project Info

An Electron Beam Ion Source as a Charge Breeder for Short-Lived Exotic Isotopes

  • Client: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
  • Date of launch: Jun, 2015
  • Place: Gyeongju, South Korea


DREEBIT has delivered a Dresden EBIS-A combined with a Wien Filter to the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute KAERI. The ion source will be used as a charge breeder at the Korea Multi-purpose Accelerator Complex KOMAC situated in Gyeongju, Korea, for short-lived, exotic radioactive isotopes to be post-accelerated with a radiofrequency quadrupole (RFQ) structure. At the moment, the ion source is installed at a test bench including a dipole magnet as a charge state analyzer and a Faraday cup for characterization purposes.


Dresden EBIS-A

A High Performance Permanent Magnet Electron Beam Ion Source

Wien Filter

A Compact Setup for Precise A/q Separation