Project Info

An EBIS-A facility for Cutting-Edge Astronomical Studies

  • Client: National Astronomical Observatory of China Beijing
  • Date of launch: Oct, 2015
  • Place: Beijing, China


A Dresden EBIS-A has been installed and commissioned at the headquarter of the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Science (NAOC) in Beijing. NAOC conducts cutting-edge astronomical studies, operates major national facilities and develops state-of-the-art technological innovations.

The delivered facility consists of an computer controlled setup including the ion source and all components such as power supplies and vacuum equipment for easy stand-alone operation and monitoring of all source parameters. At NAOC, the EBIS-A will mainly serve as source of electromagnetic radiation emitted by highly charged ions. The experiments will help unriddle cosmic rays detected in space missions. This can significantly contribute to a better understanding of the physics of cosmic processes.

Furthermore, the EBIS-A facility can be used as a source of extracted highly charged ions for various interdisciplinary sciences and contribute to new insight in basic and applied research.


Dresden EBIS-A

A High Performance Permanent Magnet Electron Beam Ion Source