Project Info

A Multi-Purpose Ion Irradiation Facility for Basic Research in Physics and Biology

  • Client: Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach
  • Date of launch: Oct, 2010
  • Place: Kielce, Poland


This Ion Irradiation Facility-L consists of a Dresden EBIS-A, a beam guiding and diagnostic system, a double focusing analyzing magnet, and a multi-purpose target chamber. It allows for x-ray spectroscopy e.g. to study recombination processes in the EBIS-plasma as well as performing experiments with slow highly charged ions colliding with matter. The ion-matter interaction experiments can range from studies of the formation of nanostructures in ion-surface interactions or fragmentation of biomolecules by ion and electron impact up to investigations of radiobiological effects in living cells.

Selected Publications

D. Banaś, J. Braziewicz, J. Semaniak, M. Pajek: "The physics program at the Kielce EBIS-A facility", JINST 5, p. C09005 (2010)


Ion Irradiation Facility - L

DREEBIT’s Most Versatile Ion Irradiation Facility Including Ion Deceleration

Dresden EBIS-A

A High Performance Permanent Magnet Electron Beam Ion Source

Electrostatic Deflectors

Elements for Electrostatic Charged Particle Beam Deflection

Einzel lenses

Elements for Electrostatic Charged Particle Beam Focussing

Faraday Cup

Faraday Cup for Low Current Measurements

4 Jaw Slit System

Two Dimensional Beam Formation and Analysis

TERX Detection System

Time and Energy Resolved X-ray Measurement