Project Info

An Ion Irradiation Facility-S Enhanced with an Ion Deceleration Lens for Interdisciplinary Research

  • Client: Institute of Modern Physics Lanzhou
  • Date of launch: Jun, 2015
  • Place: Lanzhou, China


The ion irradiation facility installed in June 2015 at the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP) offers a broad range of experimental possibilities. Beams of charge-to-mass ratio separated ions of practically any element of the periodic system can be sent towards targets with a final energy from 300 eV per charge up to 30 keV per charge.

The facility consists of a Dresden EBIS-A, a Wien filter for ion species separation, as well as a deceleration lens system. The latter point is a customer-specific modification to DREEBIT's standard facilities. Formerly, the ion deceleration lens system had only been installed in combination with the larger Ion Irradiation Facility-L.

All components of the IMP facility can be remote controlled and fully automated measurements deliver data ready for evaluation. The facility will be used by scientists of IMP itself but also offers beam time to scientists of other international affiliations within interdisciplinary research collaborations.


Ion Irradiation Facility - S

An Ultra-Compact Version of DREEBIT's Standard Ion Irradiation Facility

Dresden EBIS-A

A High Performance Permanent Magnet Electron Beam Ion Source

Wien Filter

A Compact Setup for Precise A/q Separation