Project Info

Dresden EBIT as an teaching device in university education

  • Client: Jagiellonian University Krakow
  • Date of launch: May, 2012
  • Place: Krakow, Poland


A Dresden EBIT coupled with a Wien Filter and a small target chamber was installed at the Jagiellonian University Krakow in 2012. The facility is used to teach students in the field of modern atomic and ion beam physics.

The complete system features a compact support stand including all vacuum controlling devices as well as all necessary high voltage power supply units. The Dresden EBIT and the Wien filter are mounted on a small vacuum recipient including a Faraday Cup. This assembly allows for measuring charge state separated ion beam within a total beam line length of about 1 m.

Beside the investigation of ion beam dynamics the EBIT is also used as a very precise x-ray source. The students are trained to operate the ion source, measure the x-ray spectra and analyse the resulting x-ray data to identify the characteristic x-ray radiation from highly charged ions.


Ion Irradiation Facility - S

An Ultra-Compact Version of DREEBIT's Standard Ion Irradiation Facility

Dresden EBIT

The Most Compact Ion Source of the Dresden EBIS/T Family

Faraday Cup

Faraday Cup for Low Current Measurements

Wien Filter

A Compact Setup for Precise A/q Separation