Project Info

A Pepperpot Emittance Meter for Test Measurements with Accelerator Structures and other Beamline Components

  • Client: Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds
  • Date of launch: Jul, 2011
  • Place: Caen, France


At the national accelerator laboratory for heavy ions GANIL in France a DREEBIT Pepperpot Emittance Meter is used for the evaluation of ion beams after acceleration by linear radio frequency quadrupole structures. The measurements are tests for the planned facility Désintégration, Excitation et Stockage des Ions Radioactifs DESIR, an installation at GANIL's Spiral2 accelerator complex.


Pepperpot Emittance Meter

A Real-Time Beam Monitoring and Emittance Measurement System