Scientific Development Project

Development of a high frequency electron cyclotron resonance ion source for the application in medical particle therapy, ion implantation technology and research & development.

The aim of the project is to develop a prototype of a full permanent 14.5 GHz electron cyclotron resonance ion source (ECRIS). Most recent principles and technologies are used for the formation of the magnetic field, the micro wave feed and the plasma heating as well as the ion extraction system.

The ECRIS to be developed will produce ion currents of low and intermediate charge states with competitive ion beam currents and high ion beam operation times. A matching ion beam diagnostics will be developed to characterise the operation parameter of the developed ion source. Furthermore a compact beam line and an analysing dipole magnet for the ion charge state separation as well as a high current emittance measurement system will be part of the developement in the ongoing project.

In context to the ion source development a radiation protection concept is part of the project.  The radiation protection concept should minimize the radiation field to achieve optimal operation conditions in terms of the radiation protection regulations for the different applications.

The ECRIS to be developed is going to be used in different fields of applications such as medical particle therapy, acceleration technology, implantation technology and the broad field of research and development. 

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