Dresden EBIS-SC

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Manufacturer: DREEBIT GmbH
The Dresden EBIS-SC is the most powerful ion source of the Dresden EBIS family. It uses a 6 Tesla superconducting magnetic focusing system to achieve high electron beam densities at large electron currents. Furthermore, the ion trap length was extended for maximum ion output.


Electron beam ion sources of the Dresden EBIS type have proven to be versatile sources of low, intermediate, and especially high ion charge states as well as molecular fragments. Due to multiple element injection techniques, ions from practically any element of the periodic table can be produced.

Trapped ions interacting with the electron beam inside the machines are useful sources of characteristic X-rays observable through optional spectroscopic ports. Through ion extraction, the sources are able to deliver highly charged ion beams of high brilliance and very low emittance.

The Dresden EBIS-SC is the most powerful ion source of the Dresden EBIS family. As a successor to the permanent magnet EBIS machines, this ion source uses a specially designed 6 Tesla Cryogen Free Superconducting (CFS) magnetic focusing system to achieve high electron beam densities at electron currents up to 500 mA.

Compared to the permanent magnet EBIS systems, not only the available electron current was extended at the EBIS-SC. Also, the ion trap lengh was stretched to 20 cm. Thereby, this source offers the highest ion storage capacity and largest ion currents of all Dresden EBIS machines.

Figure 1 - EBIS-SC carbon ion spectrum
Figure 2 - EBIS-SC argon ion spectrum

The EBIS-SC was designed for especially large currents of light to mid-weight highly charged ions such as C6+ up to Ar16+. Two exemplary spectra are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. However, the source can also deliver charge states as high as, for example, Ar18+ or I46+. The following table gives an overview of ion currents which can be extracted from the source.

Ion Species Ions / pulse
H+ (fully ionized) 4 · 109 at 1000 Hz
C4+ (He-like) 8 · 108 at 10 Hz
C6+ (fully ionized) 2 · 108 at 10 Hz
Ar8+ (Ne-like) 5 · 107 at 10 Hz
Ar16+ (He-like) 4 · 107 at 2 Hz
Ar18+ (fully ionized) 9 · 106 at 2 Hz
I43+ (Ne-like) 2 · 107 at 0.5 Hz

Please note: The ion output depends strongly on the ion source parameters. To achieve the highest possible ion output the source parameters need to be optimized for each ion species individually.


Source Parameters
max. electron current 500 mA
max. electron energy 15 kV
magnet system Cryogen Free Superconducting (CFS) solenoids
magnetic induction on axis 6 T
trap length 200 mm
beam emittance < 50 mm mrad
ion pulse width 50 ns up to 100 µs
ionization factor > 1e+22 e/cm²
General Parameters
dimensions (length x width x height) ca. 800 mm x 600 mm x 900 mm
weight 250 kg (550 lbs) with magnets
Infrastructural Requirements
cooling water two deionized cooling water circuits, 1.5 l / min at 3 bar each
vacuum conditions UHV, 1e-8 mbar and better

Scope of Delivery

  • EBIS-SC vacuum vessel, electron and ion optical electrodes, superconducting solenoid magnet
  • high voltage protection shields
  • power supply units for the operation of the ion source
  • control system including computer and software

Optional Equipment

  • precision gas inlet valve
  • Be-window for inline x-ray spectroscopy
  • x-ray detector
  • TERX - time and energy resolved x-ray detection system
  • heating tapes incl. temperature control
  • 19" rack for power supplies and measurement equipment
  • vacuum system (TMP, fine vacuum, vacuum measurement)
  • spare electron gun
  • injection kit for element injection through volatile compounds
  • metal ion injection kit incl. quadrupole beam bender and liquid metal ion source
  • small, medium or large ion beam line for ion charge state separation
  • ion acceleration / deceleration solutions


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