High-Current Faraday Cup

Categories: Beam diagnostics Beam current measurement
Manufacturer: DREEBIT GmbH
This chilled Faraday cup is a device for measuring high ion beam currents. The heating power from an incident ion beam of up to 1.5 kW can be dissipated while evaluating the signal.


The High-Current Faraday Cup is a device for measuring high ion beam currents. The setup contains a metal back plate which is electrically insulated towards the housing but connected to a water cooling system by a thermally conductive insulator. Thus, heating power from an incident ion beam of up to 1.5 kW can be dissipated while measuring an electrical current. Furthermore, the Faraday cup features a removable aperture plate as well as a suppressor electrode for suppression of secondary electrons emitted from the cup surfaces at ion impact.

The Faraday cup is mounted on a pneumatic linear push / pull positioner on a DN 160 CF flange. The up and down position is indicated by two relay contacts. The standard travel length between both positions is 100 mm which can be adjusted to the requirements of the customer if necessary. The cup is suitable for ultra high vacuum conditions down to 1e-10 mbar.

The images given in addition to the rendered picture of the complete system show a detailed view of the cup as well as a simulated heat distribution at 1 kW incident beam power.


Faraday Cup Parameters
aperture diameter 40 mm or customer-specific
travel distance 100 mm or customer-specific
recommended suppressor voltage 200 V
max. beam power 1.5 kW
General Parameters
height above lower flange edge 414 mm
distance lower flange edge to beam center 353 mm
beamline attachment flange DN 160 CF, other flange types available
weight 18 kg (40 lbs)
current signal BNC connector
travel end positions 5-pole M12 connector, 2 relay contacts
max. bakeout temperature 150 °C
Infrastructural Requirements
vacuum conditions from 1e-10 mbar up to atmospheric pressure
pneumatic push / pull positioner dry air, 7 bar
cooling water one circuit, 1.5 l / min at 3 bar

Scope of Delivery

  • High-Current Faraday cup readily assembled and mounted onto a DN 160 CF flange
  • electrical feedthroughs
  • pneumatic linear push / pull positioner

Optional Equipment

  • vacuum chamber
  • picoampere meter or electrometer for measurement of charged particle current or pulses
  • LabView based control and measurement software

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