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Manufacturer: DREEBIT GmbH
The IIF-L is an ion irradiation facility for experiments with various ion types from low-charged ions or molecule fragments up to highly charged ions. The beamline features a high voltage platform as well as a deceleration lens system. Thus, targets can be irradiated with ion energies from ~100 eV·q up to 40 keV·q, q being the ion charge state.


The IIF-L is an ion irradiation facility for experiments with various ion types from low-charged ions or molecule fragments up to highly charged ions. It can be equipped with different DREEBIT ion sources such as a Dresden EBIS/T or Dresden ECRIS. Depending on the ion source operation mode, continuous ion beams or ion pulses are transported through the beamline using ion optical elements (Einzel lenses, deflector elements) and ion beam diagnostics (Faraday cups). Ion species separation is realized by a double focusing dipole magnet.

The ion source and the complete beamline are mounted on a high voltage terminal to enable ion deceleration or acceleration towards a grounded target chamber. To focus the ions and transport them into the target chamber without substantial losses a deceleration lens system is mounted at the end of the high voltage tract. In this way, targets can be irradiated with ion energies from ~100 V·q up to 40 kV·q, q being the ion charge state. The complete ion beamline, the ion source, as well as the target chamber are all designed for ultra high vacuum operation. A LabView based command and control system is delivered to operate the IIF-L via computer and automatically analyze the produced spectrum of ions.

The following table gives an overview of typical ion output values of the facility equipped with a Dresden EBIS-A. The values depend on the chosen source parameters which were optimized for each individual charge state in the given table. Higher and lower ion outputs are possible if another ion source is chosen. The values were recorded before deceleration into the target chamber.

Ion Species Ions / s (DC) Ions / s (Pulsed)
H+ (fully ionized) 2 · 1010 1 · 1010 at 100 Hz
H2+ 2 · 1010  
He2+ (fully ionized) 6 · 108  
C4+ (He-like)   1 · 109 at 2 Hz
C6+ (fully ionized)   1 · 108 at 2 Hz
Ar+ 2 · 109  
Ar8+ (Ne-like) 2 · 108 1 · 108 at 10 Hz
Ar16+ (He-like)   7 · 106 at 1 Hz
Ar18+ (fully ionized)   1 · 105 at 1 Hz
Kr26+ (Ne-like) 2 · 106  
Xe44+ (Ne-like)   6 · 104 at 0.2 Hz
Au51+ (Ni-like)   7 · 105 at 1.4 Hz
Au60+   4 · 103 at 0.4 Hz



Facility Parameters
source potential ca. 1 kV up to 20 kV (depending on ion source type)
deceleration potential up to 20 kV
ion energy at target chamber ~100 eV·q up to 40 keV·q; q = charge state
ion pulse width 50 ns up to 100 μs (depending on ion source type)
General Parameters
dimensions (length x width x height) 5 m x 4.5 m x 3 m
weight ~ 1000 kg
Infrastructural Reqirements
cooling water multiple deionized water circuits, 1.5 l / min at 3 bar each
electrical power consumption up to 15 kW (depending on source type)

Scope of Delivery

  • ion source of the EBIS/T or ECRIS type
  • beamline with ion optical elements and Faraday cups for beam transportation
  • dipole bending magnet for ion species separation
  • ion deceleration lens system
  • target chamber
  • beamline support rack
  • control racks equipped with all power supplies required for the operation of the IIF-L
  • remote control system including computer and software
  • high voltage protection shielding for beamline and racks

Optional Equipment

  • beryllium window for inline x-ray spectroscopy at the ion source
  • spare electron gun for EBIS/T ion sources
  • additional ion beam diagnostics such as pepperpot emittance meter or retarding eld analyzer
  • Metal Ion injection from Volatile Compounds (MIVoC) kit
  • metal ion injection kit including pulsed quadrupole beam bender and liquid metal ion source
  • target chamber equipment such as sample holders, linear feedthroughs, load lock, etc.
  • heating equipment including temperature control for the entire beamline



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