Target Irradiation and Spectroscopy


DREEBIT GmbH offers the opportunity to perform scientific ion beam physical experiments and to irradiate customer-provided targets. Guests are invited to carry out their experiments at the high technology ion irradiation facilities located at the company site in Großroehrsdorf near Dresden, Germany. Our laboratories provide a modern infrastructure with technical support by supervising engineers, guest offices, guest access to IT services, a special laboratory for mounting ultra-high vacuum equipment, and an in-house workshop.

Besides the option of renting beam time at a facility and conducting experiments or irradiating targets yourself, ion irradiation and experimental work is also offered as a service performed by DREEBIT staff members. The experiments can be conducted by PhD scientists with a profound physical knowledge, engineers, and/or technicians with a large experimental experience ensuring an optimal realization of high-precision measurements.

Three irradiation facilities with a wide variety of ion beam parameters can be offered for the ion irradiation and deposition service. The ion beam parameters and facility characteristics are listed in the following table. If you are interested in using our facilities or have additional questions please Contact our R&D department.


Micro Beam Facility FIB / TOF-SIMS Facility IMALION Implanter
  Installed Ion Source  
Dresden EBIS-A Dresden EBIS-M* Dresden ECRIS-2.45M
  Ion Beam Energy  
from 100 eV up to 30 keV per ionic charge < 8 keV per ionic charge < 30 keV per ionic charge
  Ion Beam Current  
from pA up to µA (depending on ion species) up to some 100 pA (depending on ion species) up to some mA (depending on ion species)
  Ion Beam Spot Diameter at Target Chamber  
some 100 µm up to some mm 10 µm up to 100 µm some mm up to some 10 mm
  Spectroscopic Equipment  
Ion source: Semiconductor x-ray detectors, resolution 130 eV at Mn Kα

Ion source: Semiconductor x-ray detectors, resolution 130 eV at Mn Kα;

Target chamber: Time-Of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) setup

  Special Features  
Option to decelerate and accelerate ions towards targets, available ion energies between 100 eV and 30 keV per charge Fine focussing ion optics for beam spot sizes down to approx. 10 µm for SEM imaging, TOF-SIMS analysis, and ion lithography Wide Area Irradiation Optics for homogeneous and perpendicular ion beam irradiation of targets over a width of 200 mm


* The Dresden EBIS-M is a modified version of the Dresden EBIS-A delivering the same spectrum and output of ions with advanced optics for ion extraction. It has been specifically designed for the injection of ions into Focused Ion Beam (FIB) columns. It's performance is currently under investigation. The EBIS-M is not yet available as a standard DREEBIT product but on request more information and recent measurement results can be provided.