Dresden EBIT

The Most Compact Ion Source of the Dresden EBIS/T Family

The Dresden EBIT is a compact electron beam ion trap originally designed for x-ray spectroscopy purposes. As an ion source it represents a very cost-efficient alternative for the production of low, intermediate, and highly charged ions or molecule fragments if the ion output is not the most critical point of an application.

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Dresden EBIS-A

A High Performance Permanent Magnet Electron Beam Ion Source

The Dresden EBIS-A is an electron beam ion source able to produce ions of high charge states of practically all elements of the periodic table. It delivers beams of protons, alpha-particles, various highly charged ion species, as well as molecular fragments.

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Dresden ECRIS-2.45M

A Full Permanent Magnet ECR Ion Source

The Dresden ECRIS-2.45M is an electron cyclotron resonance ion source designed to produce low charged single particle and molecular ion beams in the range from about 10 microampere up to several milliampere, depending on the extracted ion species.

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